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Why Won’t My Parrot Step Up?

If a consequence/outcome to a behaviour (the step up) is reinforcing, the parrot will most likely repeat the behaviour in the future. For some birds, reinforcement for stepping up might be the chance to interact with their caregiver. Others may work better for a treat, a head scratch, access to […]

Target Training For Your Parrot

Target training is teaching a parrot (or any other animal) to touch something (often the end of a chopstick) with a body part (usually the beak or feet) for a reinforcer (a treat works well).    Targeting is a fantastic first behaviour to explore for both the parrot and the […]

Modifying a Cage For a Disabled Parrot

Whether as a temporary solution, or long term, a simple idea on how to raise the cage bottom for a disabled parrot. I came up with this design for Chico the elderly and disabled rescue Panama Amazon. He has bad arthritis which prevents his foot locking mechanism from working and […]