Happy 8th Gotcha Day Chico and Bobbie!

Both needing homes, I was warned that Chico, the Panama Amazon, was especially aggressive towards female humans. That was certainly true!

He’s fine with me now – it took some months – but I still wouldn’t ask him to step up on my hand.

It complicates things that he is pretty much blind as well as disabled through bad arthritis.

Despite a suspected stroke, he still seems to be enjoying life. Chico is around 56+ years old now.

On the other hand I was told Bobbie, the Red-lored Amazon, loved females although she speaks with a male’s voice.

She couldn’t fly when she arrived, but using the sofa as a landing pad and watching the others fly, she taught herself in a few months.

She loves to hang out near me. Bobbie is around 21 or 22 years old.

Like Chico she is very food motivated!

Happy Gotcha Day, Feathered Friends!