It’s Parroty Shower Day!

The four parrots have their own foibles where showers are concerned.

Chico: “Foibles? What’s that?”

Kobe: “I think it’s something to do with vegetables.”

Joe Joe: “Don’t be silly – we don’t shower with vegetables!”

Kobe: “Bobbie does…”

Bobbie: “No, I don’t! This is my water bowl!”

Author: A foible is a quirk or way of doing something, for example, Kobe likes to flip upside down, wings open wide to catch the water droplets, and the vacuum cleaner must be running in the background. Watch Kobe’s shower experience:

Bobbie doesn’t bathe with vegetables but tries to fit inside her water bowl. She’s only recently liking being sprayed too. Here’s Bobbie enjoying her misting:

Chico hated being sprayed for some years. So it was a case of misting him very gently at first. Since he is pretty much blind, the sound of the vacuum cleaner also warns him droplets of water are about to rain down from above. He loves his showers now as you can see:

Joe Joe, is the most enthusiastic about showers – he’d like one every day if he could! If it’s raining he asks to go out so he can get thoroughly soaked. Here he is having a lovely time in the rain and wind:

Kobe: “Oh, I see. Here’s another foible – we all smell like wet dogs after a shower!”