Open a Pomegranate For Your Parrot Mess Free!

Most parrots love pomegranate. Packed full of potent antioxidants called punicalagins, plus Vitamins C, E & K, potassium and folate, as well as fibre, they are good for our parrots too!

Choose a nice deep red one if possible. The heavier, the more juicy.

Cut off the very top and then run a small knife around the skin of the fruit a centimeter down. Try not to cut into the arils inside.

Peel off the upper section so that you can see the fruit formation inside.

Score through the skin down the natural sections right the way to the stalk underneath.

Gently pull the sections apart.

Then peel off the red/pink outer skin keeping the sections as whole as possible.

Leaving the arils attached to the pith in large sections will help the fruit keep for longer in the fridge.

Pile the pieces and any loose arils into a small bowl and put a saucer over the top. Keep the bowl in the fridge. Use the loose arils first as they won’t keep as long as the ones still attached to the pith. Feed either in chunks or sprinkle the arils on top of your parrot’s fresh bowl.

Opening the fruit mess free doesn’t guarantee a mess free wall and floor as your parrot gets stuck in!