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Dunking for Dandelions

JoeJoe: “There’s nothing to beat dunking for dandelions on a hot day!” JoeJoe: “Especially when a few strawberries get thrown in too!” JoeJoe: “Although, I think I prefer the dandelions.” Bobbie: “Slightly scary…” Bobbie: “If I approach them from behind, maybe they won’t see me.” Kobe: “You’re kidding me! You […]

Stop and Smell the Apple Blossom

“Smells good!” “Tastes good, too!” “Better keep an eye out for you know who!” “Just sampling these up here…” “Love the taste of apple blossom in the morning!” Chomp, chomp, chomp… “What? I didn’t make that mess – it was a big seagull who flew past and everything suddenly fell […]