Deck Monster – Part 5

Spring is sprung

The grass is riz

I wonder where

The Deck Monster is?

It’s a new year and the intrepid explorers resume their search

For the elusive DECK MONSTER

They seek him high…

They seek him low…

Bobbie: “Spring sprung ages ago!”

Joe Joe: “He’ll be wide awake then… and HUNGRY!”

Joe Joe: “Let’s lay a trap!”

Joe Joe: “We’ll fill it with delicacies no ordinary Deck Monster can resist. Then WHAM! We’ll squash him under the box!”

Bobbie: “JOE JOE!”

Joe Joe: “WHAT??”

Bobbie: “Those delicacies are for the Deck Monster!”

Joe Joe: “He won’t notice if I have a little nibble…”

Bobbie: “UNBELIEVABLE! You squash him – if there’s any left! I’m going indoors.”

Disclaimer: No Deck Monster was squashed or otherwise harmed in the making of this series