Deck Monster – Part 7

JoeJoe: “Come on guys”

JoeJoe: “Let’s look for the Deck Monster!”

Bobbie: “It’s too cold. I’ll look for him in here.”

Kobe: “He’s a Deck Monster not a Conservatory Monster!”

Chico: “He’s not in here, although I’ll continue to investigate!”

Meanwhile the intrepid JoeJoe continues to search the deck on his own…

JoeJoe: “Ive checked every nook…”

JoeJoe: “… and every granny.”

Kobe: “Granny? Isn’t it cranny?”

Chico: “Did someone mention granny?”

Bobbie: “No Deck Monsters or grannies in here.”

Kobe: “Sigh. Any sign of him, JoeJoe?”

JoeJoe: “Hmmmm…”

JoeJoe: “I’ve come to the conclusion…”

Dramatic pause…

JoeJoe: “The Deck Monster is STILL HIBERNATING!!!


JoeJoe: “Is anybirdie going to join me out here?”