The Invasion of the Breakfast Snatchers

A relentless pursuit of unguarded breakfasts…

No breakfast bowl is safe…

No toast left unturned…

Even a glass of wheat grass and vegan protein drink can’t escape prying beaks.

JoeJoe: “You know what they say… what’s yours is mine, and what’s mine is mine. This drink is now officially mine.”

Kobe: “Mine…”

Kobe: “… although I only want the grapes.”

Bobbie: “I’ll have the rest!”

Bobbie: “This really is a fabulous spoon!”

JoeJoe: “Don’t even think of reclaiming the toast – it’s got my stamp of approval on it.”

JoeJoe: “No, you can’t have the spoon, I told you further up the page, it’s mine! I dare you to take Bobbie’s spoon…”