Deck Monster – Part 6

A whisper of chill scratches at the air
Shadows lengthen
And stretch their dark fingers
Across those who dare
Seek the Deck Monster!

Yep, it’s Autumn!

The intrepid explorers continue their search for you know who…

before he hibernates for the winter.

At least, they assume he’s the hibernating kind.

Bobbie: “He’s not here!”

JoeJoe: “I’m going to call him!”

JoeJoe: “Oh Deck Monster, where are you?”

JoeJoe: “Where are YOUUUUUUUUUUUU?”

JoeJoe: “I see something!”

JoeJoe: “Run, Bobbie, RUNNNNNNNNN!”

Bobbie: “I’m running!!!!!”

A deathly silence…

Bobbie: “JoeJoe?”


Chico: “WHAT???”

Kobe: “WHAAAAAAAT?????”

Bobbie: “JOEJOE???”

JoeJoe: “Phew, that was close!!!”

JoeJoe: “I think I lost a couple of feathers!”

Take a closer look at those shadows…
Are they leaves?
Or the Deck Monster’s long and savage claws?

Deck Monster: “He he he!”